Membership in Midway Woods Association is governed by the Bylaws, available on the “About” page of the website. The most relevant sections are copied below and other sections may be found in the Bylaws.

Please click below for the membership form. The form can be filled out electronically and either printed, or saved and emailed to Jennifer Beaver, President.

MWA Membership Application


Selected Relevant Bylaws

Section 2.01  Eligibility of Members

Membership Criteria:

  1. Membership is open to all individuals who submit an application and pay the current annual fee, if any;
  2. Is aged 18 years or older;
  3. Resides in, owns property in, or owns a business within the Midway Woods membership area as defined in section 2.02;
  4. Completes a membership form.

Section 2.02  Midway Woods Membership Area

For purposes of eligibility for membership in Midway Woods Association, the Midway Woods membership area shall be the area designated generally as the following:

  1. Southern border is Memorial Drive;
  2. Western border is South Candler Street;
  3. Northern border is Kirk Road;
  4. Eastern border is Columbia Drive.

Section 2.03  Requirements for Admission to Membership

Eligible persons shall be admitted to membership upon submitting a membership application to the board of directors in accordance with procedures established by the board. At a minimum, persons requesting membership must provide their name, email address, the street address of the property owned by the person or in which the person resides, and a statement that the person is at least 18 years of age.

Section 2.04  Membership Fees

An annual fee for membership is $20 per person due by September 30th. Membership is for one year, to be renewed if eligible, and must be renewed each year by September 30th. The membership fee is prorated quarterly for new members (September through November – $20, December through February – $15, March through May $10, June through August – $5). A waiver of the annual fee is available.

Section 2.05  Voting Rights

Each member of the Association shall be entitled to one vote. Members vote to elect the Board of Directors and any business brought by the board for approval. To be eligible to vote, individuals must apply for membership 14 days prior to an election or vote. No proxy, absentee, or early voting is permitted.

Businesses within the membership area boundaries are entitled to one vote. Businesses must designate their representative at the time of application. If a dispute arises as to who will be the designated voter for the business that cannot be resolved by the business owners, no vote can be cast by that business.